Step-by-Step Guide on How to Clean a Motorcycle Helmet

Your motorcycle helmet is a vital piece of safety equipment that needs regular cleaning and maintenance to ensure optimal performance. In this guide, we will walk you through the step-by-step process of cleaning your motorcycle helmet, from the exterior shell to the interior padding. By following these instructions, you’ll keep your helmet clean, fresh, and ready for your next ride.

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Pro Tip: During my motorcycle rides, I always come prepared with two small microfiber towels stored in zip lock bags. One towel is slightly damp, while the other remains dry. Whenever I make a stop, I swiftly remove any bug residue from my helmet using the damp towel and follow up with the dry towel to ensure there is no leftover residue. Additionally, I utilize Plexus to maintain the cleanliness of my helmet, keeping it in pristine condition throughout my journeys.

Necessary Supplies for Cleaning

Before you begin, gather the following supplies:

1. Mild detergent or helmet-specific cleaner

Mild detergent or helmet-specific cleaner
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2. Microfiber cloth or soft sponge

Microfiber cloth or soft sponge
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3. Warm water for cleaning

Warm water
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4. Use shampoo to wash padding

Use shampoo to wash
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5. Toothbrush to clean the helmet

Use toothbrush to clean helmet
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6. Use air source to blow air

Use air source to blow air
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7. Spray water outside and clean

Spray water outside and clean
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Preparing the Helmet for Cleaning

  1. Remove any accessories or removable parts from the helmet and before cleaning, must know about the material of the helmet.
  2. Gently wipe the exterior with a microfiber cloth to remove loose dirt and debris.
  3. Check for any damaged or worn-out components that may require replacement.

Cleaning the Helmet Exterior

  1. Fill a basin or sink with warm water and add a small amount of mild detergent or helmet cleaner.
  2. Dip a soft sponge or microfiber cloth into the soapy water and gently clean the exterior shell.
  3. Use a soft-bristled brush or toothbrush to remove stubborn dirt or bugs from crevices and vents.
  4. Rinse the helmet thoroughly with clean water and wipe it dry with a microfiber cloth.

Cleaning the Helmet Interior

  1. Remove the helmet lining and padding, if possible, according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  2. Hand wash the removable parts using a mild detergent, ensuring gentle scrubbing.
  3. Rinse the parts thoroughly and let them air dry completely before reassembling the helmet.

Cleaning the Helmet Visor

  1. Remove the visor from the helmet, following the manufacturer’s instructions.
  2. Clean the visor with a soft cloth or microfiber cloth, using mild soapy water if necessary.
  3. Rinse the visor with clean water and let it dry before reattaching it to the helmet.

Removing Odor from the Helmet

  1. Sprinkle a helmet deodorizer inside the helmet and let it sit for a few hours or overnight.
  2. If the odor persists, place the helmet in a well-ventilated area or under direct sunlight.
  3. Consider using an odor-neutralizing spray or placing dryer sheets inside the helmet.

Drying and Storing the Helmet

  1. Allow the helmet to air dry completely in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight or air sources.
  2. Once dry, store the helmet in a clean and dust-free helmet bag or on a helmet stand.
  3. Avoid storing the helmet in extreme temperatures or humid environments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is it important to clean a motorcycle helmet?  

Cleaning a motorcycle helmet is essential for several reasons. First, regular cleaning helps maintain the helmet’s appearance, keeping it fresh and free from dirt and grime. Secondly, cleaning removes sweat, oils, and bacteria that can accumulate over time, ensuring a hygienic and odor-free helmet. Finally, cleaning can help identify any damages or wear on the helmet’s surface, ensuring its longevity and performance

Q: How often should I clean my motorcycle helmet?  

It is recommended to clean your motorcycle helmet at least once every month, or more frequently if you ride frequently or in dusty and dirty environments. Regular cleaning ensures optimal hygiene and extends the lifespan of your helmet

Q: Can I wash my motorcycle helmet in a washing machine?  

No, you should never wash your motorcycle helmet in a washing machine. The harsh agitation and detergent can damage the helmet’s internal padding, shell, and visor. Instead, it is best to hand wash your helmet using mild soap or helmet-specific cleaning products. 

Q: Can I use household cleaning products to clean my motorcycle helmet?  

It is not recommended to use household cleaning products, such as bleach, ammonia, or abrasive cleaners, to clean your motorcycle helmet. These products can damage the helmet’s materials and compromise its safety features. It is best to use mild soap or cleaning products specifically designed for helmets. 

Q: Can I use a hairdryer or other heat sources to speed up the drying process?  

It is not recommended to use a hairdryer or any other heat sources to dry your motorcycle helmet. Excessive heat can damage the helmet’s materials, including the padding and shell. It is best to allow the helmet to air dry naturally to avoid any potential damage. 


Regularly cleaning your motorcycle helmet is crucial for maintaining safety and extending its lifespan. By following this step-by-step guide, you can keep your helmet clean, fresh, and free from odors. Remember to inspect your helmet regularly for any signs of wear or damage and replace it if necessary. A clean helmet ensures a safe and enjoyable ride every time.

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